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High density li-ion battery

Our Energy Cases contains state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery cells with a very high density efficiency of 255 Wh/Kg and 700 Wh/L compared to most other products on the market that uses battery cells with density efficiency of  about 110Wh/Kg and 220 Wh/L.

That means that our Energy Cases are more than X2 lighter and X3 smaller in compare to a similar product specification on the market.

Different operating voltage

Energy in case can provide you exactly the operating voltage for your application. We have a wide range of operating voltage that can be changed to your needs within 12v-72v.


Our Energy Cases has the ability to be controlled & monitored via warless connectivity in different methods such as P2P Bluetooth, Wi-Fi LAN and Cellular CAT-M/NB-IoT.

Plus, we provide cloud monitoring application with remote maintenance capabilities so you will be able to control your Energy Cases fleet from everywhere at anytime and get notification when an issue or event accurse. 

Multiple outputs

Our standard case comes with 3 fixed outputs:
Power socket Amphenol - a plastic power connector series designed to be used in the hybrid electric vehicle market.
Power socket weipo21 - our discharge / charge connector, with high capability of power up to 30A
USB socket Qc3.0 and Type-c PD.
In addition, Energy in case can supply you with any relevant output that you'll need.

Different models

our cases come with three fixed models: 1400Wh, 1600Wh and 2500Wh. They will absolutely give you the portable energy for your mission, but, If you have another Energy [Wh] figure in mind, we will supply your case with any Energy [Wh] figure that you’ll need.

Carry everywhere

Energy in case are designed to be perfect for outdoor activity. Our easy carry handle can help you carry the case whenever you want, We put special emphasis on being light and comfortable, and lets you have the ability to keep your mission without limits.

Lithium ion Technology

We at Dan-Tech have chosen to manufacture the Energy in Case with the newest and most advanced technology available, therefore we have chosen to use lithium-ion cells, which make the Energy in Case among the most advanced portable solutions.

Up to 60A

Our Energy Cases can provide support for up to 100A output current in total and up to 60A from one single output (Amphenol ) which enables you to use any high power tools or applications at any time and everywhere.

Long battery life

We can guarantee a longer than usual battery life and thus provide you with the peace and comfort of traveling with the suitcase for a long time.

Thanks to quality lithium -ion battery cells and high efficient BMS (battery management system) that provide better cells balancing performance we can assure more life cycle to our product to be use for a much longer time.

Quiet operation

Energy in Case was built with the aim of satisfying the customer's needs in the best way, and when we need to carry out an operation that requires portable energy discreetly, we cannot use a noisy and loud generator, therefore Energy in Case provides a quiet and portable solution that will give you the freedom to operate quietly, with no operating noises at all.


One of the distinct advantages of Energy in Case is its weight in relation to the generator. Energy in Case can provide you with a powerful portable energy solution that is not heavy at all. Our cases are typically lighter than the competitor’s due to our light weight battery packs.

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portable Energy
for a World
in Motion.

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ultimate features


high density Li-ion Cells

Different operating voltage


Multiple outputs

energy in case models

Different Models

Carry everywhere

Up to 60A
Discharge Current

battery life



Off-Grid Applications

Get independence from the grid by linking your system to a standalone hand carried power solution unit.

Cordless Power Tools

Charge or operate your portable power tools in a place with no access to the grid electricity supply.

Charging Bays

Connect to external charging bays or charging stations used for charging drones, robots and UAVs.

Rescue Tasks

Replace a heavy and noisy diesel generator with light weight and easy to carry rechargeable power solution.

Computers & Medical Carts

 Power your Computer Cart Fleet with standalone rechargeable cordless  source that will supply you a great portable energy solution.

Field Measurements

Extend your ability to work with measurement equipment in outdoor tasks.

Boats & Camping

Feel the freedom from the grid when you are in your caravan or boat and run your e-Boat trolling motor with a portable energy solution.

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About us:

Introducing Energy in Case, the cutting-edge portable energy solution from Dan-tech that changing the game for outdoor enthusiasts, contractors, and emergency responders alike. Unlike traditional generators, Energy-in-Case relies on high-density lithium-ion battery cells to power a variety of devices, from power tools to lighting systems, and everything in between.

With its high-density lithium-ion battery cells, different operating voltage, lightweight design, quiet operation and even more, Energy in Case is the future of portable energy solutions.
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Copyright © 2022 Dan-Tech Energy Ltd.
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